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Studentja, kalendar hot në ndihmë të mamasë së saj

Një 21-vjeçare nga Uellsi, e cila studion për biznes, ka vendosur që t’i vijë në ndihmë mamasë së vet, e cila është diagnostifikuar me tumor në kokë. Amy Morfoot, nga Kardifi, për të mbledhur para për kurimin e mamasë së vet, ka bindur disa shoqet e veta, edhe ato studente, që të bëjnë një kalendar provokues. Fotot nudo, të cilat janë artistike, janë bërë në kryeqytetin e ftohtë të Uellsit, me shpresën që ato t’u sigurojnë të ardhurat e nevojshme për mamanë e Amy-t,  e cila ka një tumor jo të rrezikshëm për jetën.


Family ties: Cardiff University student Amy Morfoot and her mother Sarah, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour

Barefaced cheek: The front cover of the calendar, which features seven brave business students and is raising money for people with brain tumours

I'll keep my clothes on! The girls make New Year's resolutions in the January image

Heartfelt: February's picture of the nude students in the charity calendar has a Valentine's Day theme

Eggcellent idea: The adventurous friends decided to make the calendar after Ms Morfoot's mother was diagnosed with a grade 3 brain tumour

Patriotic: Two students wrap themselves in a Union flag for the April photo on the anniversary of the royal wedding

Good sports: The May photo shows the girls having fun on the rugby field

No distractions: The Cardiff University students get down to some studying in the June photo

Ready for anything: They may still be unclothed in August, but the clever young women are prepared for unreliable weather with boots and umbrellas

Experimenting: The business students wear lab coats as they try to get their heads around a new subject for September

Trick or treat? The friends wear Halloween masks and pose with pumpkins in the October photo of the calendar

Sparkling smiles: The naked students have to be extra careful on Fireworks night

Perfect gift: Ms Morfoot says her parents are proud of her for making the calendar, which may be found tucked inside plenty of stockings this Christmas

That's a wrap: The students are hoping their photoshoot could help make a real difference to cancer patients' lives

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